Monday, 7 November 2016

Everything that goes up Must come down.

Well that is what happened to the Dome. But not to worry, it is getting an upgrade.

The basic idea is that a dome like the one I had would be incredibly hard to upgrade, diffuse and polarize, so to fix this I redesigned the basic structure to be more consistent and go with a semicircle. Plans are as follows (very scribbly, sorry!)

  • Build a mount for a ring of lights, with a polarizing sheet placed over a diffusing material, behind the lights is a large reflector.
  • the whole unit is held together and tilts upwards/downwards, so that the camera is always focused on the subject which is sitting on the turntable.
  • You change the angle of the lights for each revolution.
  • Since the light is uniform, flat and polarized we can safely extract crisp images of the subject matter, Its also going to be so much more stable compared to the flexible PVC pipe and number 8 wire system I had going before.

Again, building on the cheap and rapid prototyping is my goal, so I should have this done by the end of the week

Thanks for reading, I hope to push out some updates every evening this gets worked on.

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